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Anti-Golf Resort Demonstration, Wallasey Town Hall

Wirral’s Public Turn Out To Protest Against Wirral Council’s Green Belt Policies

As this post is being written, an Extraordinary Meeting is being held by Wirral Council at Wallasey Town Hall to discuss Wirral’s long-running white elephant vanity project, ‘Hoylake Golf Resort’, or, the ‘Celtic Manor Resort’, as it has now been rebranded. The meeting was called by opposition Councillors and it is hoped that a majority from the 66 elected Councillors will be persuaded to vote for a cesation to proceed with this project, in the light of wide opposition to the idea and current national economic uncertainty.

The Wirral Society have previously argued that the land in question on the outskirts of Hoylake is not only essential Green Belt, but useful farm land with the potential for contributing to Wirral’s home-grown food supply. However, Wirral Council Cabinet continue to ignore anything anybody says against their golfing venture, preferring to  uphold their own internal ideas for development on this Green Belt.

However stubborn Council Cabinet can be, they can be sure the people of Wirral who oppose their Green Belt sell-off ideology will make their voices heard, as they have done so tonight outside and no doubt inside, the Town Hall. Needless to say, the public gallery filled up very quickly with many people being turned away, and one person was heard saying, “well, I wouldn’t really want to go in there without the aid of a shark cage!”

Whether that comment was directed at Council Cabinet or the spectators gallery, we really couldn’t say, but it’s sure to have been a lively event, judging by the frustration of the protestors wishing to have their voices heard by a Council Leader who seems determined to push this policy through before the forthcoming May elections.

We’re not hopeful there will be a vote with the result we would like to see, but the fact people are coming out to show their support for their environment against a Council who seem not to share the views of their electorate, still gives us hope and reason to exist as an organisation.

Only time will tell…