Chairman’s View – Glebe Land, Rectory Road, West Kirby

The Stables and Adjacent Glebe Land, Rectory Road, West Kirby

As readers will have seen in a previous post, there is a new threat to land in West Kirby owned by the Diocese of Chester. Our Chairman, Rod Tann, writes from the viewpoint of the Society:

Glebe Land at West Kirby, targeted by developers for planning permission.

Many readers will already know of the possible sale of this land, by the Diocese of Chester, to a property developer to build a care home on the site. 

The Society understands that Glebe land exists to support the Finances of the Diocese and, as a charity, its Board of Finance is required to maximise income to aid the poorer parts of the Diocese.

However, the Diocese, and presumably the developers, seem to have been unaware that this land and its buildings are identified in the Council’s Unitary Development Plan as an especially important part of the West Kirby Old Village Conservation Area.   As such, there is recognition in this strong policy that this attractive, historic area should be protected. It is much enjoyed by visitors and residents alike and contributes significantly to West Kirby’s  character. 

The Society is aware that St Bridget’s Parochial Church Council has already made a strong objection and shares the view of the Rectory Road Field Community Group that the land should be conserved with a possibility that it could be taken over by the community. The Rector has also ensured that the Diocese is aware of the level of concern there is over the proposal, both within the church and in the wider community; also of the planning constraints and the traffic problems that exist in this area, and he has organised a meeting with the Diocese to discuss this further. 

At a packed public meeting held in St Bridget’s Church recently, supported by local councillors & Wirral West’s MP, it became clear that the developers were giving the misleading impression in their publicity material suggesting that the Council would view any application favourably.  We now know this not to be the case, and the Diocese has now been advised of this.   

Should a planning application be made, the Society will strongly oppose any development on this land by encouraging the Council to implement its own policy.

Rod Tann

In addition to this, we would like to spread the word about a petition against the sale and development of this land which can be found at the petition website. We encourage all our supporters to sign this in support of the campaign to save the land.