Leverhulme Planning Appeal

Goliath Fights Back!

The Society was represented on 16th May at Wallasey Town Hall for  the opening of the Public Inquiry into Appeals being heard by the Planning Inspectorate into Wirral Council’s Refusals to allow any of the 7 Planning Applications to build some 2,200 houses in the Wirral Green Belt.  It’s recorded that some 230 people attended to hear the opening statements, in various rooms in the Town Hall, connected via video-link.

Leverhulme Estates proposed greenbelt land for housing near Barnston
Leverlulme Estate’s planned carve-up of the greenbelt in the Barnston/Storeton area.

The Society is also being represented in the Inquiry itself, where we have pooled our resources with other local amenity groups, as part of the Wirral Green Spaces Alliance.  Here we are supporting a professional planner and legal expert – together with a specialist adviser on population statisticts.  

The Leverhulme Estates (LE) Appeal had to take precedence over the Local Plan (LP) as LE had booked the Inspectorate time just before the LP booked the Local Plan Examination dates. The next public session will be on 8th June at 6:30 p.m. and the proceedings can be seen on the video-link, operated via Wirral Council’s website.

There are also further  proposals for major housebuilding – so challenging the Local Plan – at:

  • Frankby Rd / Grange Cross Lane,
  • Storeton Village, Irby, Townshend Av / Penrhyn Rd
  • Pump Lane Greasby – see reference to “weakly performing” in the proposal by Pegasus for Russell Homes
  • Gayton, South of Saughall Massie Road / Pump Lane
  • Saughall Massie Road, Gilroy, back of Hilbre High school
  • Thorns Drive Greasby

The Society will continue to be involved at the closest level, during these coming months.

6 replies on “Leverhulme Planning Appeal”

Please keep fighting for all Wirral residents. The Leverhulme Estate MUST be stopped. Once they are allowed to build on this precious land who knows what will happen next.
Many thanks for working for us all on the Wirral.

Agreed! We can only do what we do with the support from all of you who share our fear of losing these precious ‘green lungs’.

Thanks for everything you are doing to fight the greed of the developers. I am right behind you, and have been for several years fighting for our precious green spaces. We knocked back the Golf Resort, we can do it again if we all stick together

Hopefully the Inspector will apply the facts and uphold the original decision. However, nothing can be taken for granted and in the future, it seems unlikely that green belt law as it currently stands will not escape review and challenge from governments of every political persuasion. We can only work with what current National Planning Framework policies advise and we are very aware that nothing is set in stone. It could all change in the future but for now, we will do our bit to try and protect it for as long as is possible.

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