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Power To The People!

It’s good to petition!

It has been brought to our attention about two petitions that are currently running against Wirral Council, one opposing the proposed Hoylake Golf Resort and the other regarding the introduction of car parking charges at Wirral’s Country Parks.

The Golf Resort has run on to a point now, where it appears Wirral residents feel they need to make an official protest via petitioning. If a petition reaches 3000 signatures, we understand it triggers a debate at County Council level. As a District Committee of CPRE, we oppose the removal of Green Belt and farm land and invite our members and other environmental sympathisers to sign the petition here:

Say No To Hoylake Golf Resort!

Wirral Council Parking Charge Notice Thurstaston Country Park 2017
Not a lot of people like this….not a lot indeed!

Regarding the car parking charges at the Wirral Country Parks, although this does not pose an immediate threat to the Green Belt, our remit as a Society expands to protecting and promoting the flora and fauna of Wirral which our Country Parks present in their many diverse forms. We encourage and promote Wirral’s green and open spaces at every opportunity for the benefit of all people, both local and visiting. Anything that discourages or deters people from using our open spaces for leisure and healthy activities we view as creating a potential negative impact for Wirral. If you feel the same way as the 7000+ signatories at the time of publication, you can add your name here:

Say No To Car Parking Charges In Wirral Country Parks!

Although it could be suggested that car-parking charges raise revenue to be reinvested in our Country Parks, legislation prevents surplus revenue from Local Authority car parking charges to be invested outside of improving the Local Authorities transport system. Thus, our Country Parks would not see a penny in revenue from the introduction of such parking charges.

Political Disclaimer

The car-parking petition has been invoked by a Wirral Conservative Councillor.

We have no political affiliation with this or any other Councillor from any party and remain, as ever, completely apolitical in our modus operandi, drawing our membership from a wide cross-section of social and political backgrounds. If people feel sympathy with these petition causes, we urge people to sign them not on political party grounds, but only for the benefit of Wirral’s future as pleasant place to live and visit.