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Sell! Sell! Sell!

The Continuing Saga Of Wirral Council’s Chameleonesque Green Belt Policy

We have no proof at the time of publishing of the accuracy of the contents of this notice, nor its contents. If even a small portion of what is written here is true, then it is very worrying for the future of Wirral’s Green Belt.

Trust is a very special commodity, hard-won and easily lost; trust is gained on the deeds and words of people, supported by honesty and integrity and meaningful dialogue. Unfortunately, in the hands of politicians, trust is often abused and set on a one-way destination of no return. With the failure of Wirral Council to produce a Local Plan in a timely manner and having given what appears to be a grossly over-estimated figure for Wirral’s future housing needs to the Government, Wirral now finds its Green Belt under siege like never before.

It seems that on one hand, Wirral Council make public statements about their commitment to protecting Wirral’s Green Belt – yet the word on the Housing Developer grapevine would suggest noises are being made quietly to suggest the complete opposite.

Thankfully, due to their love of their open spaces, Wirralians are not taking too kindly to their Council’s mixed-messages about protecting Wirral’s Green Belt and are making their protest known on many different public platforms.

One such person is an anonymous landowner in Irby who has no intention of selling his/her land, but has recently received speculative offers to buy it from Persimmom Homes North West, Story Homes and Taylor Wimpey. Astonishingly, the landowner reports that he/she has never informed the Council the land was available, nor knew it was even included in Wirral Council’s list of Green Belt sites to be released for development to meet their questionable housing targets!

Furthermore, somebody naming themselves as ‘Aggrieved Whistle Blower’ has taken it upon him/herself to post a ‘public notice’ informing passers-by of Wirral Council’s alleged plan to release Green Belt in the Landican area of Wirral for house building. Whilst we cannot provide any definitive proof of the origin or the accuracy of the information provided on the ‘public notice’, it is certainly a worrying possibility we cannot dismiss.

If it is a political prank of some sort with no substance of truth behind it, then we will remove it from this website.

But until the claims made on it are publicly  refuted beyond any doubt by Wirral Council, then we have to remain open-minded to the possibility it is actually true. Which brings us back to where we came in – the matter of ‘trust’.

The people of Wirral have put their trust in Wirral Council and their representatives to look after our Green Belt and protect it from developers, until there is no other option to consider using it. This means exhausting Brownfield site opportunities before Green Belt and actually producing a more realistic and accurate set of figures for predicted future housing needs across the Borough.

Wirral Council are entrusted with the protection of Wirral’s Green Belt on behalf of the people they serve. However, because of what we are seeing unfolding on a weekly, if not daily basis, the trust we have in our policy making Town Hall politicians is eroding at an alarming rate.

It’s All About The Pound Signs!

If you’ve got Green Belt land on Wirral, you can be sure the Housing Developers will hound you at every opportunity they hear about (we wonder exactly how they hear?) inviting you to “maximise” its value.

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