Chairman’s View – Glebe Land, Rectory Road, West Kirby

The Stables and Adjacent Glebe Land, Rectory Road, West Kirby

As readers will have seen in a previous post, there is a new threat to land in West Kirby owned by the Diocese of Chester. Our Chairman, Rod Tann, writes from the viewpoint of the Society:

Glebe Land at West Kirby, targeted by developers for planning permission.

Many readers will already know of the possible sale of this land, by the Diocese of Chester, to a property developer to build a care home on the site. 

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Rectory Road Field, West Kirby – Public Meeting Report

The Fight to Save Green Space in Old West Kirby Begins

View of the Glebe land from the stables.

Readers of our Chairman’s latest report will have noted his mention the threat to the Glebe land owned by the Diocese of Chester on Rectory Road, West Kirby.

On 3 October 2019, a public meeting was held at St Bridget’s Church to discuss the potential planning application to build a retirement complex on the land, which is currently occupied by horses. Concerned resident Sue Darwent, attended the meeting and put together the following report.

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Chairman’s Update, October 2019

Rod Tann’s Autumn Roundup

As we slip into Autumn, the Society’s Chairman, Rod Tann, writes on current issues facing Wirral’s fragile balance between concrete and countryside.

Over to Rod…          

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