Wirral Planning, Green Belt, Golf & Scrapes!

News From Our Green & Pleasant ‘Asset Rich/Cash Poor’ Borough Local Planning Wirral Council’s Planning Department is trying to avoid being put into ‘Special Measures’.  It, along with 14 other English Councils, was named last year by the Department for Communities & Local Government (DCLG) as not having met its ‘Local Plan’ deadline.  The Council […]

Old News

Hoylake Golf Resort Public Meeting

Margaret Greenwood MP Raises The Issue Wirral Council Are Reluctant To Address As our members will already know, we are vehemently opposed to our council leader’s seemingly unstoppable quest to foist upon us, his project to build a ‘Golf Resort’ plus 200 ‘luxury’ houses on North West Wirral’s Green Belt. Rod Tann, our Chairman, wrote […]