The Wirral Society

The Wirral Society was formed back in 1928 as a non-political environmental watchdog, with the object of protecting the natural beauty, architecture and flora and fauna of the Wirral Peninsula.

For the last 90+ years, we have done our best to take an active role in preserving what makes Wirral unique, keeping a careful eye on any proposed plans or developments which we believe threaten what we set out to protect, all those years ago. We are also the Wirral District Committee for the Campaign to Protect Rural England (C.P.R.E.).

Thank you for visiting the Wirral Society Website. As you will see from the News and Wirral Matters pages, members of our Committee follow up on many different issues that affect our Peninsula. We would very much like to have your support if you can help. It might be either:

  1. To support us directly – perhaps with help on particular matters such as if you have a special interest or skill e.g., on trees, historic buildings, liaising with the farming community etc.
  2. As someone who would like to be a non- active member, but in so doing lend us support, which would help add to our lobbying strength

If so, please get in touch with us via our contact page.