We’ve Collected a Lot of Stuff…

Cover picture of 'A Cautionary Guide' booklet
Eastham village, back in the day…

The Wirral Society have been always been active in keeping their members informed of the activities of the Society via printed publications. Some of these have taken the form of simple newsletters, whilst others have been in printed booklet form with limited print runs. Indeed, copies of such publications are rare to find these days, but we are lucky enough to have been able to locate most of the hard copy material for upload to this website.

Our current news letter publication which comes out quarterly is called ‘Wirral Matters’ and members receive this free of charge as part of their membership. It is also distributed freely throughout the libraries of Wirral. We have scanned all the available copies we can find and have uploaded them to this website.

All documents have been uploaded in PDF format and you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view them. If you do not have this, please download it here.